Find out what our customers are saying.

Superior Slabjacking Inc.


Find out what our customers are saying.

Ted L. Clifton, Managing Partner, Coupe’s Village LLP wrote:

Dear Patrick. I was extermely pleased with the efficiency of your crews, and the quality of their work raising our sunken sidewalk at Coupe’s Village Development in Coupeville. The middle section of the sidewalk had settled about 4 inches due to settling of the utilities trench below over a period of about 5 years. Your crew had it up to level, and a few nearby areas also leveled up, in just a few minutes time, with virtually no disruption to our businesses. Kudos to Superior Slabjack! Thank You.

Harold from Lake Forest Park wrote:

On Aug. 8, 2008 Slapjack NW did some work for us. They quoted $2000 to level a concrete walkway by our house. There were two downspouts that we were concerned about. They said if we removed the downspouts and plugged the drains with rags they would not get slurry in them. When the job was done one drain was completely plugged, the other partially plugged. We had a section of sidewalk 38 x 84 that they didn’t raise enough. They said that was the best they could do. There was a section of sidewalk that abutted the driveway that had settled 5/8 inch. They said they couldn’t level this because it was too close to the down spout. They filled the holes with a mixture of brown slurry mixed with Portland cement. They finished it by hosing it off; leaving a very uneven surface that was brown rather than grey like the concrete I later had to chisel this mixture out of the holds. When they were finished, they cleaned their rig and washed all the spilled slurry down my driveway leaving a mess for me to clean.

I then called Superior Slabjacking and Ryan gave me a quote of $750 to do what the other company could not do. He raised the 38×84 slab and made it exactly even with the other concrete. They raised the slab that was 5/8 inch below the driveway, to make it perfectly even. They filled all the holes with a grey mixture to match the concrete. Ryan came back later and made 2 saw cuts about 7 feet long so I could put in another drain for the downspouts that had been clogged. He cut it exactly the way I wanted it, then broke up the concrete, and loaded it in my wheel barrows. He only wanted to charge $50 but I thought that too little so we agreed on $75.

Also….When you named your company Superior Slabjacking you named it correctly. We were more than satisfied with your service and have recommended you to other people.

Bryan from Kirkland wrote:

You and Patrick really stand out from your competition. I appreciate your open communication, thorough evaluation of my situation, and advice to help insure a successful project. I look forward to seeing your crew in a few weeks.

Gina and Leon from Fairwood wrote:

Superior Slabjacking is an amazing company whose service is TOP-NOTCH! We had Superior Slabjacking out earlier this year to fix our sidewalk which was severely cracked and uneven, posing a severe tripping hazard to our family and guests. In less than an hour, Superior Slabjacking was able to level the sidewalk and fill all of our sidewalk’s cracks for an amount hundreds of dollars less than replacing the sidewalk. Thanks to Superior Slabjacking, we no longer have to hold our breath when people walk across our formerly “hazardous” sidewalk. We will definitely refer Superior Slabjacking to our friends, family, and business associates. Thank You!

Norval from Everett wrote:

I had a real safety hazard and now it has been taken care of. The guys were right on time, very efficient, worked meticulously. I am very happy. Great job!

Jackie from Mukilteo wrote:

Punctual and courteous, Superior Slabjacking exhibited both high-standards and skilled performance. IN addition, they possessed the willingness to address unforseen difficulties with a “won’t quit until it’s right” attitude.

Marcia from Bothell wrote:

I so appreciate the speed at which the work was scheduled and greatly appreciated the beautiful job that has been done. The walkway and driveway have never looked this good!

Ted from Bellevue wrote:

Excellent job, I am very pleased.

Olstrom from Seattle wrote:

I wish we could deal with your company everyday! It was such a pleasure. Your crew was so friendly and it was just easy doing business with you!

Frank from Woodinvill wrote:

Your crew, Ryan and Joe, were so pleasant and did great work. I am very happy with the job.

Bob and Mary from Seattle wrote:

We are very happy with the work your company did for us!

Jack from Sammamish wrote:

Your company was a pleasure to work with. Anytime I needed to get a hold of you for answers I could. One of your competitors never called back with quote, and the other gave me quote for twice as much as your company.